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The tuna fish plays a leading role in the island’s traditional cuisine! You will often hear that no single part of a tuna is thrown away! Every part of this fine fish is processed and potted according to very ancient systems. Hereby you can take a look at only a few of the many typical tuna products you will be able to find on the island!

bottarga ventresca mosciame sosizzella
Bottarga Ventresca Mosicame Sosizzella

In Favignana you can experience all possible delicacies of the worldwide famous Sicilian pastry making. Canolis, Cassatas, almond cookies, granitas and icecreams are only a few examples! You won’t be able to refrain from literally assaulting the village pastry shops!

cannoli_siciliani marzapane cassata-originale cassatelle_ricotta
Cannoli siciliani Marzapane Cassata Siciliana Cassatelle

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