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Nicest bays and beaches

Favignana is renown for its wonderful bays and beaches that offer stunning views of the sea and coastline, and represent ideal spots for an exclusive holiday!

Cala Rossa named after the bloodshed of the famous Punic naval battle, is considered to be the most beautiful bay in the island. The waters are crystal clear and many rocks here and there offer exclusive spots for sunbathing away from others. You can access Cala Rossa through a 10 minutes walk down; in a few occasions the track gets a little steep, so it could not be ideal for children below 3, elderly and pregnant women.

lido buroneLido Burrone: Not far from the main village, on the southern coast, Lido Burrone is a nice white-sand beach with transparent waters. Ideal for families and children!

paesaggio favignana 15Cala Azzurra, one of the nicest bays, great blue colour and easy accessibility!

spiaggia della prajiaPraia is a nice beach, in a very romantic spot, right beside the village. Easily accessible if you do not have a bike or a scooter. Very suited to children!

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